Getting Paid To Live A Wellness Lifestyle

Become an expert on essential oils, wellness, and the Young Living lifestyle. Most of us wouldn't be doing this business if we had to buy products and cart them from house to house like the Avon lady. I'm all for people doing full research before trying out a product or a company. Some people even bought the oils. In my experience (spending months on a facebook group with literally thousands of distributors, many of which were very high level), YL absolutely DOES push their product.

They also market a product line called Essential Living, which contains skin care products, hair products, home care products and even several pet care products. Learn how to grow your Young Living business with the new INFUSED 7 line specially formulated by Gary Young, and transform your life as you work alongside Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun - coauthors of the international best selling book, Oola.

It's fun to see how people have been surprised to see that they either earn back money towards products or cash. I am a big believer in education, and I try to read articles about essential oils, wellness, toxic-free living and also about network marketing. That being said…i have heard but never researched to confirm, they people who have that kind of reaction to our oils have bodies that are toxic.

This training and resources are available to friends and family you sign up too (if you're a member of my team). Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary seed to seal production process, we produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world.

Some of the essential oil brands process their products with a higher heat and as a result their essential oils do not have all the properties plus may contain toxicants. Thank you for having courage to state your concerns and experience with YL oils. It does not matter how high-quality” they might be, it is not feasible to expect a decent income from promoting the products without in-depth marketing training.

I also feel that essential oil safety cautions are not shared transparently, nor are they shared in initial training. I know people who sell various network marketing products that have asked me to join their teams. We also strive to carry products that are brand generic, so you can use them for whatever business you are in. My #1 goal is to help you grow your oil business.

Young Living essential oils educator. Young Living's unilevel compensation plan provides several ways to earn income. I do not like to call it selling oils or memberships, but rather, introducing people to their amazing benefits and letting the oils sell themselves.

I am a distributor with YL and have been very happy with the oils and I am blessed to have an excellent up line. Young Living makes it much more complicated for someone that needs to purchase oils often (I own a cleaning company and make and sell all our products) but I thought that Young Living sold the best quality oils (because they Home business said so lol).

My husband and I are independent distributors of Young Living essential oils and when we originally purchased oils, we said we weren't going to do the whole business thing. Bring your friends, bring your questions, and enjoy learning about the power of essential oils.

That is true, but I feel it's important to note that these products are for your own personal use, not products that you must buy and then sell like some other MLM's require. You joined Young Living because you were interested in essential oils as a safe, natural alternative for your family.

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